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Christmas Tag

Today's post is probably going to make me such a typical blogger but I don't care, it's Christmas! And what better way to get festive than joining in on the Christmas Tag? Enjoy! ;-)
1. Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve? Not anymore, the only time I did that was the year I found out Santa wasn't real. I asked if I could open a present early and it was an Avril Lavigne perfume which smelt DIVINE. Gosh, that makes me feel old.
2. Are you any good at wrapping presents? Absolutely not. My wrapping is an absolute shambles every year. I used to ask my Mum to wrap my presents (minus hers of course) but now I just wing it. Everyone knows I'm bad at it so they know to not get their hopes up. Don't expect a wrapping up guide from me!
3. What is your favourite Christmas film? The Santa Claus 2. I love the first one but this is the film I always remember watching growing up. I think it's so festive and I can't wait to watch it this year! Although, the toy …

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