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Free From Italy Review

As an Italian girl, I knew that the thing I was going to miss the most when I decided to go vegan was Italian food. Food from Italy is highly centred around meat, so I was concerned about which of my favourite dishes I was going to be able to continue to enjoy as a veg head.

Luckily, I came across Free From Italy. They stock many amazing vegan versions of Italian food from pasta, to pesto, to lasagne sauce. I got in contact and told them I loved the idea of their business and would love to try out some food to tell you guys about!

They sent me Free From Organic Gnocchi with Quinoa, Green Basil Pesto, and Red Sundried Tomato Pesto. I had no idea what food I was being sent and when I found out, I was instantly nervous. I've never tried gnocchi and I'm not a massive fan of pesto - probably not the best start!

I searched the internet for a recipe where I could incorporate these 3 ingredients... later finding out they have a recipe on their website - duh!

I cooked the gnocchi and …

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